AIM protects the environment through its recycling process which makes metals a renewable and reusable resource. It is important to know that by turning to AIM you are assured of associating yourself with a company that understands your responsibilities and conforms to the strictest environmental standards.

In 1994, AIM launched Delsan-AIM with its mandate being environmental initiatives. This extension of AIM oversees everything from the maintenance of all soils and bodies of water, the removal of toxic materials like asbestos, recycling, to the management of residual materials and the rehabilitation of contaminated sites. No stone is ever left unturned by Delsan-AIM in their mission to reduce waste and promote sustainable development.

AIM is conscious of its social responsibilities and boasts a proven track record in environmental waste management that is second-to-none. All its activities are done while meticulously adhering to North American and international standards and holding all required permits for its operations, factories and transport vehicles.

Certain major projects are of the turnkey nature like large-scale demolitions. AIM always makes a point to recycle all materials in a responsible fashion and according to the environmental norms of both North America and around the world. AIM is also armed with a wide range of government operating permits required for transport of dangerous waste.
From monitoring a chemical plant to the demolition of an office building, the experienced team at Delsan-AIM has the required expertise in project management to offer solutions that minimize environmental effects while keeping costs down. 

A business that has been shut down can in turn become an interesting recuperation project by repurposing industrial plants and recycling materials and tools instead of sending them to dumps.