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AIM specialists analyze and evaluate the needs of their clients, offer their all and remain true to the company’s commitment to provide partners with the full power of metal.

The American Iron & Metal Group aims to be the international leader in the metal recycling industry by continuously providing our customers with quality products and timely, friendly service, fostering strong relationships with our employees and business partners, and ensuring that we remain a low-cost processor through the high efficiency of both our modern equipment and production processes.

Partnership – The most solid alloys are forged in metal. In the same way, the partnerships we form with our clients are equally as solid.

Our goal: contribute to the success of our partners.

Quality – AIM always strives for flexibility. Being “made-to-measure” is their trademark. The final materials produced are always packed according to the specifications of each client.

Installations AIM


Industry Leader – AIM is an industry leader in integrated recovery services and recycling of metals, renown for its integrity and proven track record both in its field and in environmental responsibility.